Our Business Consulting Services offers the support of a Director of Operations for hire. Hiring an independent business consultant can make smart economic sense to a business owner who does not want or need to hire a full time employee saving the cost of benefits, taxes, unemployment and many other overhead costs.  

Our menu of services is designed to offer the business owner a wide range of consulting services to choose from.  We can design and implement assistance in any of the following areas depending upon your company’s needs. 

  • Staffing analysis
  • Recruitment and hiring
  • HR services
  • Create and refine processes and procedures
  • Project management solutions
  • Marketing and client relations
  • Teambuilding

Each of the service items listed above are expanded on below to provide more detail about our offerings.

Staff Analysis

  • Define needs and create roles, job descriptions
  • Build organizational charts
  • Analyze workload and fit allocation
  • Personality testing
  • Mentoring and retention
  • Employee relations management
  • Performance review and documentation

HR Services

  • Employee handbook development
  • Standardization of personnel files 
  • Team building and defining culture

Recruitment and Hiring

  • Create job postings
  • Review resumes and respond to applicants
  • Conduct interviews and present best candidates
  • Reference and background checks
  • New hire orientation process and forms

Streamlining Process & Procedures

  • Project management and meeting critical deadlines
  • Creation of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Cross training employees
  • Create efficient filing and organization systems

Marketing & Client Relations

  • Review marketing materials and update company image/message
  • Review current health of client relations and initiatives to improve and expand
  • Match company message with company culture

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