Are your company's financials ready to share?

If your business is trying to expand its product offering, increase its client base or bring on additional staff - which is why you started the business in the first place! - it may be necessary to raise outside capital. Whether this is in the form of raising funds from friends and family, applying for a small business loan or taking on an accredited investor, you can expect that any one of these groups is going to ask for up-to-date financial statements. Which begs the question: If someone asked you, tomorrow morning, for an updated income statement, balance sheet or statement of cash flows, would you be able to provide them with one by the end of the day?


At Kansas City Business Solutions our goal is to make sure that our clients have this information at their fingertips, so when the time comes they are able to provide necessary documents in the same day. By utilizing cloud based software programs we are able to keep your company’s financial data up-to-date, giving you a clean book and accurate reports within a moments notice. Don’t put off organizing your company's financials until you’re asked! Get more organized and better prepared today!


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